libinfinity 0.7.0 released

08 Jan 2017

libinfinity 0.7.0 has been released. The primary new feature is support for gobject-introspection, which allows using the libinfinity API from higher-level programming languages such as Python. Furthermore, situations were a disconnect happens silently are now recognized much faster due to usage of TCP keepalive probes. Also, the infinoted server allows to listen on only a specific network interface. Support for GTK+ 2.x has been dropped, GTK+ 3.x is the only supported GTK+ version now.

There is no version of Gobby yet which makes use of libinfinity 0.7.0, however the standalone server, infinoted 0.7.0, can be operated with the current release of Gobby, Gobby 0.5.0.

libinfinity 0.7.0 can be downloaded from the Wiki page on GitHub.